2009 Female Celebrities to Watch

Every year in late December all sorts of magazines and celebrity-focused websites begin to publish their lists of the top celebrities of the year.  These lists usually start from the bottom up, include a bio about the celebrity and a short blurb about why their year was one that made them worthy of mentioning on the list.  While those year-end lists are definitely fun reads, we thought we’d begin a newer and less overdone tradition and post a list of the 2009 Female Celebrities to Watch:

  1. britney_spearsBritney Spears – Her well documented melt-down appears to be a thing of the past as ‘Brit Brit’ has started to show that she’s got it back together with the latest release of her new album Circus.  In 2008 it was no secret that Britney’s music career had fallen so far off the map that people were more likely to be heard asking the question “will she survive?” than any music-related questions such as “when is her next album coming out?”   With the odds against her, however, Britney Spears appears to have turned the tide and is back with her music, back with her well-crafted physique and back into the hearts of the teeny-boppers of today (as well as some of us not-so-teeny-boppers who were the teeny boppers of yester-year). America loves a good comeback story and the almost Amy Winehouse-level lows that Brit Brit had fallen to last year provide an excellent backdrop for her to emerge from.  A comeback story along with a skill for earning media attention make Britney Spears our top female celebrity to watch in 2009.
  2. miley_cyrusMiley Cyrus – This one is the least risky pick we came up with in our list of 2009 celebrity women likely to be in the news.  Miley is young (16 years old), famous (one of the richest and most popular people in celebrityland these days) and has an insatiable appetite to make poor decisions (just Google search “green bra pictures” or find her Youtube video on Selena Gomez if you need proof) and show off the insecurity that often follows famous young stars (see Britney Spears).  Those characteristics are sure to keep Miley in the news in a major way in 2009.  As she gets closer to the late teenage years, the media is going to hound this young star and that alone will provide us with countless hours of celebrity entertainment during 2009.
  3. rihannaRihanna – Ok, we may have cheated a bit here.  Prior to her unfortunate incident with soon to be jail-bird Chris Brown, we cannot say that Rihanna would have made our list of top female celebrities to watch in 2009. Sure, she is beautiful and talented and is just hitting her stride in terms of her musical career, but with Beyonce acting as such a strong force in the female singer category we are fairly confident that Rihanna would have been behind at least Ms. Knowles in the 2009 limelight.  Not any longer, however, as the  dramatic movie-like details of her recent pre-Grammy beating at the hands of then boyfriend and fellow signing sensation Chris Brown are sure to keep America glued to their favorite celeb blog or late night celebrity news show.  Sad but true, sadness and violence are still a major sell in American media and so Rihanna will have to deal with being in the limelight while she recovers from her recent misfortune.  Plus, we all like comeback stories and something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Rihanna’s singing fame.
  4. jessica-simpsonJessica Simpson – This former “most-loved” or “most-hated,” depending on who you were speaking to, remained in the limelight for most of the begining of 2008 as her public relationship with Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Tony Romo kept us all interested.  Those of us who remained loyal to Nick Lachey oh so wanted her heart to be broken by that Cowboy, but alas it appears to be that the former pop icon has fallen for the Texas jock and the two remain together.  Jessica’s fame started to falter in mid to late 2008 as her venture into country music and reported weight gain signaled signs that this Hollywood starlet gone Texan was about to see her star flame put out.  While all signs point to dwindling fame and a quick cast off into below the fold blog-posts, we here at MadameDaily are remebering one fact that Jessica has in her favor.  What is that fact?  A wedding to current flame Tony Romo? A new reality show? Maye something else?  Whatever it may be, the fact that Jessica has turned marginal talent into a five year run on the front pages of most blogs and celebrity magazines says that she has staying power and we can all be sure she will find a way to make an impact in 2009.
  5. jennifer-hudsonJennifer Hudson – This one is the one that I am most excited about.  Ever since Jennifer Hudson’s booming voice was revealed on the hit television reality show American Idol it has been clear that she had the voice to be a star.  Much like was the case with the judges of the show when she failed to make the finals in her American Idol competition, however, most of us thought that although the voice was there the look and the story were not.  That all changed when she gave an Oscar winning performance in the hit movie Dreamgirls in 2006 and continued to change as her appearance became more suited to Hollywood fame and paparazzi picture taking.  Heading into mid-2008 it looked as if Jennifer Hudson was here to stay and that we’d be seeing countless record releases and movie roles for the star.  All that came to a quick halt in late 2008 when her mother, brother and nephew were brutally murdered by the estranged husband of Jennifer Hudson’s sister.  Anyone other than a strong woman such as Hudson would likely have crawled into a multi-year quiet streak out of the limelight as she dealt with grief (and not even the heartless paparazzi would have blamed her).  Not Jennifer Hudson though.  Hudson made a public comeback just a few short months after the tragic events of her family’s murder by belting the national anthem prior to the 2009 Superbowl and reminding America what a voice and what a personality she had.  We have no doubt that Jennifer Hudson will shine in 2009 and is why she closes out our list of MadameDaily’s 2009 Celebrities to Watch.

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  1. Poor Chris Brown. That guy can’t catch a break!

  2. Kale Crosby says:

    Lol that’s not even Chris Brown. It’s a look a like.

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