Buying a Home?

Experts predict that 2009 and 2010 will bring potential home buyers bargains of the type that have not been seen in decades.  If you, like many of us modern women, are the one who manages the finances in your household you may have found yourself wondering, “is now the time to buy”?  If you are indeed asking that question you should congratulate yourself on having been able to save money for a down payment in what is a very difficult economic environment.  Being disciplined enough to save money is the first step, but a perhaps more important second step is to make sure you carefully evaluate how much of a house you can afford to buy.  Many people who are currently struggling with the foreclosure mess that is sweeping the United States were not honest with themselves in answering the question of how much could they afford.

A useful first step in calculating how much you can afford is to take a look at your current lifestyle and see how much money you are able to save every month.  Once you have that in mind you can start to see what kind of a payment you would be getting yourself into by buying a house of various prices.  The handy mortgage calculator below is a quick way to see how much that house you have your eye on will cost in terms of monthly payments.

If the monthly payment shown in your mortgage calculation is more than you are currently saving each month then perhaps its time to reevaluate your expectations. Buying a house is a great responsibility and comes with a great deal of both pride and worry. The bigger your down payment the less your monthly requirements will be so if you find out that your payment seems like it will be a bit more than you can afford, just wait a few months and save up your cash for a bigger down payment…it will make life much easier once you are in that home of your dreams.

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