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MadameDaily is the ultimate daily lifestyle destination for the chic women. Founded in 2009 by Madame Jessica and Mademoiselle Cristina, MadameDaily enthusiastically provides premier exclusive content covering the notable women-centric topics of beauty, fashion, entertainment, relationships, food, travel, and more! We strive to shed light on the prominent women trends, the everlasting fads, and the essential female lifestyle tips. Unlike any other, MadameDaily is the original online women’s magazine featuring the latest and the greatest.

Through our quest when building this premier web property, we discovered research predicting women will own 60% of America’s personal wealth by 2025. During this upward trend, women will be working longer hours and be involved in more sophisticated dealings than ever before. It only made sense to create a go-to destination for women to be professional, fashionable, and versatile. MadameDaily.com does just that!

It is our mission to create a website that provides women with an interactive experience that provides useful information and saves them time and money.

For general comments and inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@madamedaily.com.

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