Should Adam Lambert Front Queen?


lambert-in-hollywoodIf you watched American Idol at all this season you know there was a lot of buzz about contestant Adam Lambert. Adam was talented and unique, perhaps more so than any contestant that has graced the American Idol stage. Adam didn’t win the coveted title of American Idol, which left left many fans disappointed, but his opponent Kris Allen was deserving. I would have been happy with whoever won because they were both so good. 


That said, after performing with Queen on the finale many were left contemplating whether Adam Lambert would be the ideal replacement for the late Freddie Mercury of Queen. In fact, members of Queen have expressed interest in Adam Lambert to the media. In my personal opinion, I feel it would be a bad move for the former Idol contestant. Though it would be an honor to front such a legendary band I think Adam has the creativity and musical talent to successfully do his own thing.

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