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Madame Jessica is a student at in Los Angeles and a frequent contributor to Madame Daily's money and entertainment sections.

Slow Cooked Berry Cobbler

If you are having a dinner party and have the time to plan for a delicious dessert that takes very little effort but requires a long cook time, this is the dessert for you.  The slow cooked berry cobbler allows … Continue reading

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Get into Your Guy’s Game

Many women hate the moment when they discover that their crush, boyfriend, fiance or husband is into “IT.”  “IT” takes precious time away from our relationships and is often the cause of many of our breakups.  “IT” has some women … Continue reading

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2009 Female Celebrities to Watch

Every year in late December all sorts of magazines and celebrity-focused websites begin to publish their lists of the top celebrities of the year.  These lists usually start from the bottom up, include a bio about the celebrity and a … Continue reading

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Piknic Restaurant

This cozy restaurant located inside the upscale Playa Vista community near Loyola Marymount University is home to acceptable but not fantastic food in a location that is dressed in earth toned decor and natural touches. The owners of popular restaurants … Continue reading

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Slumdog Millionaire

In what is probably the best movie of the year (I guess we’ll have to wait for this year’s Oscars to validate that statement), eighteen year old Jamal Malik (played by Dev Patel) is shown as in the midst of … Continue reading

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Ugg Style Boots a Health Risk?

Ugg-style boots are all the rave these days (see The Trend Continues: Minnetonka Boots), but could those fashionable boots be posing a long-term health risk to women that wear them? That is what an Indian-British news site is claiming. The … Continue reading

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Buying a Home?

Experts predict that 2009 and 2010 will bring potential home buyers bargains of the type that have not been seen in decades.  If you, like many of us modern women, are the one who manages the finances in your household … Continue reading

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New York Fashion Week Kicks Off

The high society designers that often flood New York this time of year to show off their designs at New York’s Fashion Week have not managed to escape the recent economic turmoils being faced by most people. In fact, retailers, … Continue reading

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Bashan Restaurant

Absolutely wonderful. Bashan is a perfect restaurant for those special romantic dates in your life. Wedding anniversaries, a proposal or even an “I’m sorry” dinner are appropriate events for this restaurant. Bashan Restaurant is run by a husband and wife … Continue reading

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2009 NAACP Image Awards

Beyonce Knowles belted an inspiring rendition of her new single “Halo” to kick off the 2009 NAACP Image Awards held on Thursday February 12, 2009.  In what has been quite a historic year for the African American community, this year’s … Continue reading

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