Bashan Restaurant

Absolutely wonderful. Bashan is a perfect restaurant for those special romantic dates in your life. Wedding anniversaries, a proposal or even an “I’m sorry” dinner are appropriate events for this restaurant. Bashan Restaurant is run by a husband and wife combo. The husband is the cook (he used to be the cook at Providence restaurant in Los Angeles) and his darling wife serves to greet the guests and run the restaurant floor. If you are in the Montrose, California area (10 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles) head over to Bashan and try the tasting menu with wine. WONDERFUL! The food is amazing, just tell the chef to make you his favorites and we’re certain that not a single dish will disappoint. Every plate is sure to be beautifully presented and tasty. The wine list is small but full of boutique wines that are hard to find. The service is smooth and welcoming.

If Bashan was located in West Los Angeles instead of Montrose it would be one of the top frequented places by celebrities and food critics. Very very good food and an excellent atmosphere.

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Madame Jessica is a student at in Los Angeles and a frequent contributor to Madame Daily's money and entertainment sections.
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