Bye-Bye Bacteria, Hello Cyclic Silver Cleansing Bar

Cyclic Nano Silver Cleansing Bar works wonders, as it is a multi-purpose soap for all skin types.  It can be used for acne breakouts, rashes, itching, dandroff, athlete foot, make-up removal, and troubled skin conditions.  How is this bar so powerful?  It’s nano cyclic-nano-silver-barsilver technology allows to not only clean the surface of your skin, but to get into your pores to exfoliate and cleanse.  Your pores are 100-250nm on average.  When bacteria is stuck inside of your skin, it has a tough time coming out.  Cyclic’s nano-silver particles are 10nm to truly penetrate the surface and get into the pores.  This product is a miracle for troubled skin!  Can be purchased online.  Around $35.  Well worth it.

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