Demi Moore’s Long Locks

demi-moore-long-hairstyleHow this woman remains looking so young (young enough to snag Ashton Kutcher that is) while well into her forties is a question many women have found themselves privately asking. While we may not be able to provide directions to the fountain of youth, we certainly can provide some insight into her look, specifically her hairstyles. In this picture, Demi Moore is seen wearing her gorgeous long locks in a brunette hairstyle while attending the 2008 Glamor Reel Moments held at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, California. Long hairstyles can be rough to maintain, let alone maintain a very healthy look to them, but with the right mix of nutrition and some no doubt expensive hair product, Demi Moore has proven time and time again that she is able to pull it off. Long hairstyles can be outright sexy with very little effort as long as the hair looks healthy and you maintain your ends. Add a great color you have a long hairstyle or hairstyles that will keep everyone guessing how it is that YOU look so young and beautiful.

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  1. Floy Caines says:

    I don’t know the way it came up but you made a very informative post. Nice job.

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