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For the women who have it, curly hair can be the greatest thing in the world on those few days out of the year that we actually have the time to spend making it look great. Sadly, however, the majority of our days are spent tossing and teasing our way into a look that is just barely borderline passable enough to wear to work. So, just in case you are having one of those days where you are feeling the curse of the curl, I thought I would provide you with a few examples of celebrities who are able to deal with curly hair on a daily basis. Maybe you can pick up some tips from their looks that help make your life just a little bit easier. If not, well, you can always shell out the couple hundred bucks every so often to have your curls straightened away.


  • Becki Newton – Newtonbecki_newton keeps her curls under control to turn them into an off the shoulder wave that is simple yet looks wonderfully kept. The Guiding Light star often combines her curly look with long below-the-shoulder dresses that are expertly layered to help create a look of soft waves and curls.
  • Miley Cyrus – Mileymiley-cyrus-curls keeps the curls long and flowing.  While I’m sure having a personal stylist at your beck and call makes things a little bit easier, Miley has played with her look to at least get some fun out of her natural curls.  Miley has been seen with the traditional long brown curls, but plays with color at times to enjoy a black curly look.


  • Will Farrell -  Notwillferrell sure Will Farrell really offers us ladies much to learn in terms of managing his curls.  I guess Will is a good example of how there is no shame in just letting curls conquer your look.  Also, we learn from him that being funny and famous enough to take the focus of people’s attention away from your looks is one way to conquer your curls.
  • Adrian Grenier – Vinceadrian-grenier from Entourage shows us that letting the curls dangle down is a passable look for those days where you are on the go.  Sometimes the “no effort” look may be a better way to go than the “I tried but failed” look.

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