Fashion Trends to Watch

fashion-trendsEvery season there are certain fashion trends that pop up.  Some are refreshing new looks, others are slight variances on a traditional look, and most are a revitalization of something from the past.  As the Spring season is upon us, below are some styles that are making a strong appearance.

  • Halter top necklines: These necklines will become popular going with the woman who is tall. The diagonal running to the neck divides the shoulders and makes them look broader. This makes the waistline appear smaller and the gives a ‘swan like’ look to the neck. Traditional V-cut apparels charm the attention to the bust.
  • Asymmetrical handkerchief and jagged hemlines: They are back in style. They give a fresh and new look in mid calf length, but they also make the legs appear shorter. Similarly jagged skirts break the line of the leg and give them a shorter look. Petite women should avoid these patterns. This pattern should be worn with fewer jags where the highest and lowest part of the hemline is only couple of inches apart. The hemlines should be of mini skirt, or knee length.
  • Flowing skirts: Flowing skirts in chiffon, silk and cotton, are showing up everywhere in the season; especially in floral prints and sherbet-hued solids. Empire waisted baby doll dresses suppress short women and give them the ‘school girl’ look. Form fitting chiffon dresses will be in vogue without using yards of fabric.
  • Loose strips: Strips of fabric and ribbon are to be seen all over dresses this season, hanging from the waist, and shoulders. But this style would not suit women with shorter height as it will make them look bulk and heavier.
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