Girls Night In: 5 Great Ideas!

girlsnightin-main_fullGirls Nights In are always fun and a great idea to bond with your besties.  Whether it’s your birthday and you want to celebrate with your girl friends or you are having yourself a pity party about some guy that just broke your heart, here are 5 Great “Girls Night In” Ideas:

1.  Mani/Pedi Party:  Get your nail frenzy on with your girls.  Put your nail clippers, cuticle products, lotion, nail files, and polish to good use with your best friends.  Another idea?  Feature the latest season colors (like OPI’s 2009 Spring/Summer South Beach Collection- see article featured in Beauty- Nails)!

2.  Wii and Wine:  The ever popular Nintendo Wii is definitely the best console for the average woman.  It is easy to use and has a great selection of “girly” games, like nintendo-wii-consoleDancing with the Stars, Cookin’ Mama, Mario Kart, Wii Fit, and more.  And what’s better than adding wine to the combo!  Great laughs and good times, for sure… 

3.  Chick Flick Classics and Popcorn:  Movie night is always a good gathering.  But, what’s even better is re-living the chick flick classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, or Grease.  Most girls have seen these hits, so it allows for socializing, watching movies, and of course, popcorn!

4.  Wine Tasting Party:  Do you have a friend that is a wine connoisseur?  If so, use her/him for this event.  If not, hire a wine expert- preferably a hunk!  Allow them to wine-girls-night-inbring a collection of wines to educate your classy friends.  This is a informative, entertaining event that will be full of laughs.  Want to make this event more extravagant?  Pair cheeses with the wine.

5.  Cooking/Baking Lesson & Dinner:  Teach your friends how to cook your favorite meal and/or bake your favorite dessert.  Make sure you have enough goods so everyone has something to do.  After you teach, enjoy!  Eat what you made!

Have fun ladies!!!

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