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sportsMany women hate the moment when they discover that their crush, boyfriend, fiance or husband is into “IT.”  “IT” takes precious time away from our relationships and is often the cause of many of our breakups.  “IT” has some women screaming from the top of their lungs wishing that they weren’t attracted to men.  “IT” can preoccupy our significant others to the point where they completely ignore us.  “IT” comes in the form of grass with infield dirt for some, chains and pig skins that devour 19 Sunday’s a year for others, hardwood floors and nets, ice and little round pucks and, for those of us least fortunate, a combination of two or more of such things.  “IT,” in case you have not yet caught on to what I am talking about, is the utter infatuation with either baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or some combination thereof, that all of our “men” have in some form or another.  If you are one of those women who is thinking that they can train their man to rid “IT” from your lives let me stop you there and say, you are going to fail.  All that being said, since “IT” is not something you are likely to have much success getting rid of, we here at MadameDaily have come up with a few ideas of how us women can learn to live with “IT” and maybe even learn to turn “IT” into a positive.  The following are some tips on how to do just that:

  1. Give “IT” a Try – Most women find out that the sport their man loves can actually be quite exciting.  Give whatever sport your man is into a try and see if you too will end up as one of those beer drinking, jersey wearing women screaming at the opposing team during an NFL game.  Even if you can’t quite get into it to the point of infatuation, most women discover that they actually enjoy going to live sporting events to watch the celebrities or feel the electricity that often comes with a stadium filled with thousands of people.
  2. Make Him Earn his “IT” – Men know that their love of sports is often at odds with the needs and wants of their woman.  That awareness allows you to ensure that, while he is given an opportunity to enjoy his “IT” time, he has to earn it by making an effort to connect with you and your interests as well as limit his “IT” time so as to not have it consume your relationship.  Try to come up with a healthy compromise.  If he loves all sports, make him pick one or two that he gets to follow closely and the rest can take a back seat to your relationship (don’t worry, he’ll catch up on the others while at work, it is what the internet is for).
  3. Create Your Own “IT” – If your man has his “IT” he cannot reasonably complain if you have your own “IT FOR HER.”  The sign of a healthy relationship is one in which both parties have their own set of interests that allow them to keep a sense of independence so as to avoid morphing into the person they are dating and removing all of the mystery from the relationship.  Use that psychology driven excuse fact to allow your love of art or your love of shopping to blossom.  He can have his “IT” while you have your “IT FOR HER.”  After all, it is only fair.
  4. Look at the Bright Side of “IT” – If all else fails and you just cannot find a way to co-exist with your significant other’s infatuation with a sport or many sports, before you give up and begin the quest for the man who hates sports, just look at the bright side…at least you will always know that on any occasion, be it Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays or others, you will always know you can please your man with a jersey from his favorite team or some tickets to attend their next game.  “IT” just solved all of your gift shopping dilemmas.

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Madame Jessica is a student at in Los Angeles and a frequent contributor to Madame Daily's money and entertainment sections.
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