Household Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Have you ever been running out the door and snag your nylon on your not-so-filed nail? Or have you been at a party and someone spills red wine on you? These are typical occurrences that aren’t so easy to solve until you know the tricks of the trade. Here are the top 10 household product tricks:picture-10

  1. Baby Powder for Greasy Hair: If you don’t have time for a shower but your hair is greasy, apply baby powder lightly to the strands and the oil will be absorbed. Don’t apply too much baby powder or it will look as if you have grey hair.
  2. Removing Eye Make-Up with Baby Oil: If you run out of your favorite brand name eye make-up remover, no worries. Baby oil works just as well! Just apply baby oil to a cotton pad and your waterproof mascara, dark eyeliner, and shimmery eyeshade will vanish.
  3. Clear Nail Polish to Fix a Tear in your Nylon: If you snag your nylon or tights on your way out and don’t have time to buy another pair, just apply clear nail polish at the end of the tear and it will stop it from running. We recommend you apply the nail polish as the nylons are on so it prevents from the snag running even more while taking them off.
  4. Salt removes Red Wine Stain: Sprinkle generous amounts of salt on your stain immediately after the spill. Let the salt absorb the wine for about two to three minutes. Then dab the salt off with cold water. Rinse.
  5. picture-8Ironing Wax Out of Fabric: If you get wax on your clothes, put a brown paper bag over the wax spot and iron. The wax will be removed from the fabric and stick to the paper bag.
  6. Bag of Frozen Peas Reduces Swelling: Sprained your ankle? Have puffy eyes? The immediate response is put ice on it. However, what is better than ice is a bag of frozen peas as it molds to your body and provides an even icing.
  7. Cucumbers Heal Dark Circles Under your Eyes: Many of you have probably seen Pond’s Cucumber pads, but why spend a hefty penny on that when you can use an actual cucumber.  Cut thin cucumber slices, and place on closed eyes. It is very relaxing too!
  8. Use Organic Tooth Paste to Heal a Pimple: Toothpaste (paste, not gel) can act as a mask and bring impurities out of the skin. Most toothpastes will work, but organic is best as it has picture-9limited ingredients which are natural. So if you do not have your pimple spot treatment, it’s definitely wise to use toothpaste.
  9. Put an Onion on a Bee Sting: If you have a bee sting, a soothing remedy is to slice an onion and place it on the sting for about an hour. It works!
  10. Apply Warm Olive Oil to Cuticles: For healthy, moisturized cuticles, soak your nails and cuticles in a small bowl of warm olive oil for 15 to 20 minutes. For best results, do it nightly for a week or two.

Check out these tips and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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