How to Affair Proof your Relationship!


RF4470981Marriage Counselor, Dr. Gary Neuman, was featured on Oprah today and reported the three top ways to help prevent your man from cheating. Here is what he said… First and foremost, appreciation of your significant other is the main way to affair-proof your relationship. Men like to be loved, admired, and appreciation. Also, when you give apprecaiation, you will get it back. Secondly, have more frequent sex. Men are better at receivers and women are better givers. In the bedroom, change that mindset and don’t devalue yourself. It will make you enjoy sex to have it more frequently. Lastly, have open conversations with who they are hanging out with and where they are going. 77% of cheaters have best friends that cheated, as opposed to faithful guys that have less than 50% of cheating friends. This doesn’t mean that they can’t hang out with their best friends, but be open about your concern and possibly suggest they come to your place instead of some very social scene.  Thanks Oprah & Dr. Neuman!

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    • Iban says:

      I saw this and linked up the doonlwad on my blog.According to the teasers for tomorrow’s show it didn’t go over that great because it let men off.Gist of the show Do it more, and men are lonely because they are basically emotionally retarded, oh and they always need to win. Duh.I got that when I was like 14 I’m also sure we’re all sick to death of being married to or dating it. Trying to communicate with a husband is like beating your head against a brick wall and then realizing that 1/3 of the time its a futile effort and he’ll cheat anyway.However, I think Gary Neuman is a very insightful guy and I think it was a matter of translation. I thought this shows on divorce were the best shows ever and I doubt he meant for it to come off as simplistically as it did.I can’t wait to watch tomorrow so I can find out what he really meant.

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