How to Make an Easy Latte at Home

FrotherWant a latte at home but don’t have the equipment? Don’t have time to run to Starbucks before work? The milk frother will make your mornings brighter. Simply heat up some milk in a mug, then put the portable frother in the mug and turn it on to watch your milk foam. Pour your coffee in and there you go! Don’t have a coffee maker? Use a coffee press. They are so easy and inexpensive. Simply┬áput your ground coffee or espresso in the pot, pour hot water in pitcher, and push the press down to brew. Very easy, thanks a latte!

Coffee Frother and Coffee Press

There are many brands that make this product but we recommend BONJOUR’s Bartista Milk Frother (It can also scramble eggs). Enjoy!

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  1. Sook Saft says:

    I don’t know the way it came up but you made a very informative post. Nice job.

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