Jon and Kate Plus Eight Premier Just Days Away


gosselinsThe countdown to the Jon and Kate Plus Eight premier is on, with the new season just days away the world is waiting to tune and see what happens with reality TV’s favorite family. The show has long been a ratings giant, but the Memorial Day premier promises to yield some of the biggest ratings yet as people tune into see if they show the recent  marital struggles or not. Previews of the show have been airing on TLC for the past few days and show the couple talking separately about their problems. Are the promotions the usual hype or will we actually see reality this year on Jon and Kate Plus Eight? One could hope they would get past all the extravagances of recent seasons and get back to the day to day life episodes that made the show so popular. Personally, my favorite episodes are the ones in which Kate is cooking and Jon is tending the kids etc.. I like to see the relatable things, maybe I am the only one, but the recent seasons have lost me a bit.

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