Jon and Kate Plus Eight Press On

johnkatepluseightJon and Kate plus their eight have been widely recognized as America’s favorite family for some time now. Is it the fighting? Or the real life situations that occur such as the sick, squabbling and messy kids? Who knows, it is  probably a combo of it all. Love them or hate them, Jon and Kate are unapologetically living their lives in front of the camera. What happens when their off-screen life becomes tabloid fodder? Well, true to her on-screen persona Kate seems unfazed by the rumors of infidelity and scandalous tabloid photos of Jon and some local college coeds. Jon on the other hand is a little more affected by the rumors about him. The pair and their brood have gone on a media whirlwind recently appearing in magazines like People and Ladies Home Journal. The couple emphatically denies the allegations against Jon, although they do acknowledge that the pressures of public life have taken their toll. That said, the couple is resolute to maintain what they call their “family job” and continue on with their popular reality series.

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One Response to Jon and Kate Plus Eight Press On

  1. cathy fox says:

    Within all of the blogs, media reports, direct comments from both Kate & Jon as well as other sitings by those people “in the know” I find 6 little words are always missing. What ever happened to ” I Iove Kate” and ” I love Jon”. Those words are not to be found. To me this speaks volumns about the present state of their marriage. How very sad for those 8 children.

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