Leann Rimes Accused of Stalking


eddie-cibrian-leann-rimes-affairEddie Cibrian’s wife, Brandi Glanville, says Leann Rimes is a relentless stalker motivated by fame. Is Leann Rimes a stalker, or is Eddie Cibrian’s wife a jealous, scorned woman? If you ask me it’s tough to tell. It is hard to believe that a woman as beautiful, talented and famous as Leann Rimes would resort to stalking any man. However, it is also hard to believe that a celebrities wife would go to the public with such defamatory accusations without having proof. Rimes didn’t directly address the allegations, but says “I would never want to hurt my husband or anyone else with more lies dragged out in the press.” Rumors of an affair between Cibrian and Rimes swirled a few months back when the pair was caught together in questionable photos. They starred together in the movie Northern Lights. 

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