Madonna to Adopt Again

9575c665-e460-42c9-bb21-29723d281ba7widecDespite massive amounts of controversy the first time around Madonna is again looking to adopt from the impoverished African country of Malawi. Madonna’s son David was adopted  from Malawi in 2008 and at the time it was controversial because foreign adoptions were not legal in the country. Experts now wonder how the pop icon will get past another law on the books in Malawi that bans adoption to single or divorced parents. Although Madonna’s spokeswoman had no comment on this matter officials in Malawi and the United States have both confirmed that paperwork for an adoption bid has been filed by the pop icon.

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8 Responses to Madonna to Adopt Again

  1. Gwen says:

    Good for her. I mean, she clearly has the resources to afford to take care of the child and will have more help than any average married couple would.

  2. Kellis says:

    Totally. It sounds like a dumb law but most countries have a few dumb laws.

  3. Madame Hillary says:

    I agree!

  4. Steph says:

    I saw today that the UK government was suggesting that she rethink adopting another child from there. I don’t get it, there are so many places she can adopt from, why pick the one where it is hardest to adopt? She’s just trying to make the headlines again. Go back to your kabala cave Madonna.

  5. Madbid says:

    She has enough money to adopt a kid from each country and have them live happily till they are old enough to support themselves ..

  6. AccuraCast says:

    how many kids has she adopted?

  7. Pagoman says:

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  8. justin hugglepuff says:

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