New York Fashion Week Kicks Off

fashion-weekThe high society designers that often flood New York this time of year to show off their designs at New York’s Fashion Week have not managed to escape the recent economic turmoils being faced by most people. In fact, retailers, who make up the demand side of the fashion equation, have been feeling the economic downturn more than most as their once spend-happy customers have started to hold on to their cash to protect against the undoubtedly near rainy days. All that said, economic downturns have come and gone and Fashion Week has managed to survive the bad times and looks to do the same in 2009. While the parties that begun this evening in New York are rumored to be much less lavish than in prior boom years, the crowds have still shown up to get a glimpse of what could be the next hot style as well as rub elbows with the fashionista elite.

Fashion week kicked off today in New York with 75 designers participating (down only 5 from last year’s number of 80). The show was lead by actress Lynda Carter and a host of other celebrities who opened things up by taking a stroll down the catwalk to present the annual Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection (a collection who’s purpose, other than high fashion, is to promote awareness of heart disease). Most designers have trimmed down their slate of models showing off their designs (from about 40 models per designer last year to about 25 this year). Be that as it may, there is still plenty of action on day 1 of Fashion Week New York and at least for one day it seems that the world’s economic troubles have not rained on this glitz and glamor filled event.

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