Octomom Trademarks Her Nickname

large_nannies-file-complaints-about-octomomAs if her story and life wasn’t strange enough, Octomom, otherwise known as Nadya Suleman has decided to trademark her media given nickname. No one would fault the clearly overwhelmed single mother, but she keeps insisting that she does not want to use her situation for financial gain. Just what does Octomom plan to do with this trademark? Nadya says that she will use the given moniker to promote baby items. Those items would include a disposable diaper line, children’s clothing, textile diapers, shirts, dresses and pants. What’s more, is that her application for trademark also lists a TV series as one of the possibilities for Octomom moniker. Octomom confirmed to the media recently that she is going to be participating in a documentary style TV show for U.K. audiences.

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