Piknic Restaurant

Piknic Restaurant in Playa VistaThis cozy restaurant located inside the upscale Playa Vista community near Loyola Marymount University is home to acceptable but not fantastic food in a location that is dressed in earth toned decor and natural touches. The owners of popular restaurants “Toast” and “Lulu’s Cafe” opened Piknic and it provides a decent watering hole for some quick after work cocktails as well as a comfortable and well located spot for a working lunch for those young professionals located in any LAX/Culver City adjacent areas. The restaurant has a smoothie and pastry bar that is quite popular in the morning hours and a full lunch menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and more to provide you with a refill on a working day. Dinner at Piknic is usually filled with the local Playa Vistaners who often swoop in after hours to grab an appetizer, large salad, certified Angus burger or a main dish such as the roasted chicken special (our favorite). While the food at Piknic gets a three out of five on the MadameDaily scale, the location and atmosphere bring the restaurant up a notch and make it a place worth dining.

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Madame Jessica is a student at in Los Angeles and a frequent contributor to Madame Daily's money and entertainment sections.
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