Shop It To Me, Personal Shopper!

Need a personal shopper to find sale items of your favorite brands in only your sizes? I know, it sounds like a dream. However, this dream can be a reality with MadameDaily’s favorite innovative email shopping service called SHOP IT TO ME! shopittome-logo-salemail


This is how easily it works: Shopaholics take only 3 minutes to sign up on and fill out an online profile choosing their favorite fashionable brands (such as BCBG, Prada, Banana Republic, etc.) and then selecting their range of sizes. Shop It To Me will browse the leading Internet retailers for sale items that match your preferences. Then, they will send you personalized results via “salemail” email alerts based upon how often you choose. This service couldn’t be more individualized per online shopper!


Shop It To Me is perfection for the busy shopaholic. It saves you time from searching the web for all those killer deals and saves you money from paying full price for the brands you love. Shop It To Me, our little personal shopper!

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