Stephen King’s “IT” Heads for the Big Screen

2080-stephenkingsitJust when you thought it was safe to go back to the circus, the clown that instilled a clown phobia in millions is back! That’s right, Stephan King’s IT is rumored to be making a comeback. Warner Brothers would like to film a big screen remake of this nostalgic horror classic.

Stephen King’s iconic novel is being adapted for the big screen by screen writer Dave Kajganich, and the project is being managed by Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment. Much of the story will likely remain the same, except it is reported that the big screen remake will be set in present day rather than the novel’s timeframes which were 1958 and 1985. If the success of the 1986 novel and subsequent 1990 miniseries are any indication, the big screen remake should be a huge success.

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13 Responses to Stephen King’s “IT” Heads for the Big Screen

  1. kateja simpson says:

    i love this move like the best horror flick of all time

  2. crystal says:

    this is not scary i faced my fears

  3. a.j says:

    i lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved the movie and book

  4. SAMMI says:

    OMG best movie of all time i love this movie i watch it all the time…. i used to hate clowns but now i am okay with themm………

  5. justin hugglepuff says:

    this movie is scarey ,i hate clowns i couldn’t sleep last night ,i actually was sleeplesss for 3 and a half weeks ,my therapest couldn’t help me now .IM TERRIFEID OF CLOWNS MORE THAN I WAS BEFORE.

    i DREAMT THAT A CLOWN WAS IN MY CLOSET. AND I COULDNT DRESS UP FOR 3 AND A HALF WEEKS.NOW All i do is pee my pants everytime it turns to night time and i am 30 year old virgin .and scared outta my youg desireble mind .now don’t judge it’s not nice , im not mental or going crazy(EXACTLY) so dont be judging .LEAVE HATE COMMENTS .


  6. Bladimir says:

    I hate clowns I watched this movie when I was little like 7 years old but now im 13 years old so I hate clowns im not scared of them anymore but they do creep the shit out of mee

  7. Bladimir says:

    fuck clowns

  8. amandaa says:

    i hate frikken clown soo scaredd my babe well my boy frienddd pertectes me im 15 so damm terrified if some one dress like any clown ill beat thir ass lmao fucking clowns

  9. amandaa says:

    i couldent sleep me my bro wee hate clowns one time my dad hade a clown comee to my party and i opend the dorr thir the clown i scream and pass out

  10. amandaa says:

    fuq clowns i amm a hater too only clowns penny wies can goo suck a dickk befor hee bangs mee or dies lol i dunno found this websit jus bored and hate on clowns mes me on if u hate them too thnks manda

  11. amandaa says:

    ronald mcdonal sucks hee tryd too touch mee he a perve lol thts why u should trut clowns ronald said hi to me im liek wht the fuq u looking at and hee turnd away like a lil bitch lmao sorry im a bitch when thing skare me but imm awsomee in real lyfe p.h.a.t

  12. amandaa says:

    i love someee clown sometime if they dont come out of nowahr lol

  13. amandaa says:

    it was the best movie ever tho.!thts foreshor amanda♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥amanda

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