The Best Mascara for Your Look

Finding the perfect mascara can be very difficult. We found two wonderful products that will provide the effect you want… It just depends on your mood! Go dramatic or go casual. We have it for you!

  • For the dramatic look with fabulous results, this is your product: Badgal Lash by Benefit. The thick brush bristles allow for full, voluminous lashes. The truly black color allows for the dramatic takeaway. Available at department stores or Sephora ($19).
  • For a softer look (and less strain on the wallet), we recommend Maybelline’s Great Lash Curved Brush Mascara in brown. The curved brush allows for full, lush coverage and brown is a little softer on the eyes. Great for pale skin tones or just a daytime look. (under $5 in drug stores)
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  1. Very fascinating post.

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