Ugg Style Boots a Health Risk?

ugg-style-bootsUgg-style boots are all the rave these days (see The Trend Continues: Minnetonka Boots), but could those fashionable boots be posing a long-term health risk to women that wear them? That is what an Indian-British news site is claiming. The website,, has published a study that suggests that Ugg-Style boots are a potential health hazard for women as their design increases the risk of ankle sprains and bad posture.  The study goes on to state:

The soft structure and heel-less sole create a breeding ground for fungi that cause foot infections, according to health researchers…..however, podiatrist Linda Hawkins, of Lee, South London, said: “Sheepskin boots, like other footwear without heel and sole support, are only suitable for short-term wear…..use all day leads to the boot structure breaking down, increasing the risk of a twisted ankle.

So, if you believe this study than be sure that the fashion statement you are making by wearing the boots is worth the potential harm to your feet and posture that can be an unintended side effect of your style.

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