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Kate GosselinIn a confession that shocks absolutely no one, Kate Gosselin of reality TV’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight,  admits her and Jon may split up. In an interview with People magazine Kate Gosselin reveals that her and her husband Jon are having marital difficulties. She confesses that the couple have been struggling for some time and the recent rumors about Jon Gosselin having an affair with 23 year old Deanna Hummel have only helped manifest the doubts she has about her marriage. Kate also confesses that she feels that her and Jon are in two different places and that they may no longer have the same goals in life. However, Kate does confess that despite all the allegations swirling about her and Jon having affairs and splitting up, she does still hope to work it out with her husband and keep her family in tact.

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  1. Phoenix Weaver says:

    My Take on Jon & Kate
    By Phoenix Weaver

    I’ve just gotten an opportunity to finally read the much-talked about interview with reality TV mom, Kate Gosselin, in People magazine. At first, and probably like many regular viewers of the show, I dismissed altogether the suggestion that Jon Gosselin was out on dates with other women or having an affair. I thought it was just your typical, trumped-up tabloid fare, with photos taken in such a manner as to make it appear there was some sort of indiscretion going on. After I got wind of the People article, however, I had to sit up and take notice. I mean, hear was a pretty reputable magazine with Kate’s picture feature as big as day on the cover, and the quote, “WE MIGHT SPLIT UP.” I was in utter shock.
    My first thought on the possibility of real trouble in the Gosselin marriage was the children, of course. As a mother myself, it pained me to even contemplate the devastating effect that a marital separation or divorce of their parents would have on the couple’s eight beautiful and sensitive children. I thought about who would go where, and with whom, and no scenario seemed anything but confusing and terribly painful for everyone involved. Then I wondered how in the world how Jon could manage to pull of an affair with eight kids to raise, a television crew surrounding his family practically all day every day, and being such a now well-known face. I guess the answer to that question is that ultimately he didn’t manage to pull it off.
    Normally, I really don’t care much or make commentary on the private lives of celebrities. As they often say themselves, they didn’t sign up for having the lives of their families being exploited just because they happen to make a living entertaining us in some way. But with Jon and Kate, it’s a different story. Not only did they become celebrities by choice in deciding to put their daily, private lives out there for the world to see, but (and let’s be real and frank here), they also decided to make a living by pimping out their cute kids and milking the situation for all it’s worth. The Gosselins made themselves fair game. At least, Kate made that decision, after having the “family meeting,” wherein she likely twisted the kids’ arms in a not-so-subtle way by asking if they’d rather have both their parents home all the time and make the show their job, or if they wanted Daddy to have to go out to an office every day. Real tough choice for a kid, huh?
    I’ve loved this show from the beginning, and have never missed an episode an, of course, it’s because of the undeniably precious little ones, and the fun of watching them grow and develop. I’ve also pretty much disliked Kate from the beginning, and have wondered how Jon manages to put up with her harpy ways. It’s been clear from day one that Kate calls the shots in this family. Although she admits to being a control freak, and to be “working on that,” there’s never been much evidence of any change in a positive direction. Kate doesn’t just nag, she berates Jon continually, interrupts and talks over him, and treats him as though he’s her most frustrating and wayward child. Kate makes chinks away at his self esteem and emasculates the guy weekly in front of a huge television audience. The now -infamous coupon incident on one of the most recent episode is forever seared into my memory. When it aired, I wondered how Jon managed to keep his cool, even more so than usual, as Kate blasted him for what seemed like a half-hour over not using a stupid coupon. Now, I wonder if he was tuning her out and thinking, “I am so outta here soon, you shrew, and you can’t even see it coming.”
    I don’t want to make it sound as though I’m in any way siding with Jon, or condoning extramarital affairs. If the allegations are true (and it sounds as though they’re at least partially so), I feel very disappointed that he’s so quickly forgotten his often expressed dedication to his family above all else. And bringing ‘the other woman’ to the home he shares with that family while Kate was away promoting her new book, is just unconscionable, in this woman’s opinion. But it’s the impetuous and selfish choice of an immature guy who’s already checked out of the marriage, and doesn’t really care enough anymore to put up a front. I’m no psychologist, but have to wonder if it was Jon’s passive-aggressive way of taking the next step toward being found out; thereby shifting Kate into the position of being the one to call it quits. Over the course of the years the show’s aired, it’s become clear to regular viewers that Jon definitely married too young (twenty-two), and had too many children too soon. There again; however, Kate admits that Jon wasn’t ready for more children so soon after the twins, but he gave in to her wishes. Although I’m sure that he loves all his children dearly, the fact remains that he pretty much missed out on bachelorhood, and all that looms before him is a life of overwhelming responsibility.
    The Gosselin’s situation puts me in mind of another family, the Kienasts,who had the first set of surviving quintuplets born in the U.S. that were conceived through the use of fertility drugs. Of course, they received a lot of media attention at the time, and probably a lot of freebies by various companies for publicity, as the Gosselins have. After their notoriety faded, though, the family began to have serious financial hardships, to the point of facing foreclosure on their home. So what did Dad do at that juncture? He went into the garage and killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning, leaving the family with no breadwinner and, reportedly, no life insurance pay-out because of the death by suicide exclusion. Like many fathers, and it seems like more and more over time, these men feel that they can just shut down and take the easy way out of feeling overwhelmed and overburdened. On a show shortly after the Gosselins decided to do the show as the family job, I recall a sit-down interview in which Jon spoke to the issue of that choice. Apparently y, he’d received some negative feedback. The interview sticks out in my mind because Jon was so uncharacteristically forceful and defensive in his response that I was taken aback. His whole countenance changed, as he lashed out about the fact that their family came first, and he and Kate would always have that as their guiding principle. I guess he forgot.
    It was a very different Jon who sat down for the final interview of the latest season. As they talked about whether or not they planned to do another season, he and Kate couldn’t have been more at odds. Jon appeared angry and determined that he was done. You could tell he didn’t even want to be in that seat, and probably didn’t feel especially like sitting next to his wife either at that moment. Kate, on the other hand, seemed oblivious to Jon’s unhappiness, though it was palpable to anyone who happened to be watching. She was more bubbly than ever, and chattered away about how much fun it was to do the show, and she could foresee only more good things happening in the upcoming season. Clearly, she felt assured that she would be able to overcome any objections Jon had, and steamroll him right on through another season or two, no matter how her husband felt.
    In the People interview, I first felt deep pity for Kate, as someone having to publicly address the issue of her husband’s infidelity, while admitting that she’s as yet unsure of the truth, and may never know it all. As I read on, my sympathy for Kate began to turn to disgust, and I saw a side of Kate that was not only self-absorbed and greedy, but also in serious denial. No, not denial about Jon having a relationship with another woman, but about her own role in the breakdown of her marriage and Jon’s unhappiness. She shrugs off completely the perspective that so many viewers have of the off-putting personality and the ugly temperament she seems to reserve only for her husband. If one is to judge by the statements Kate makes in the magazine interview, her focus is instead on ensuring that the money keeps rolling in. She holds herself up as the parent who’s always taken the high road and been committed to securing a good life for her children. According the People article, the amount the family’s been paid per episode is more than many American families earn in a whole year! By my calculations, even taking into account taxes and other expenses, the Gosselins’ net worth should already be sufficient to put every one of their children through college and grad school, with plenty left over. The book profits and other perks she’s now getting should be icing on the cake; yet, to hear Kate tell it, if her marriage to Jon and the preservation of their family has to be sacrificed for more of the green stuff, so be it.

    Copyright May 19, 2009 by Phoenix Weaver. All rights reserved.

  2. Madame Hillary says:

    Thanks for the in-depth response. I agree with many of your points. I too read the People article with mixed emotion. At the end of the day I think the couple has long been out of touch with one another. I think that explains much of the bad behavior on both sides, not that it excuses it. Whether or not they can reconnect and put their family back on track, only time will tell.

  3. Denise says:

    You repeatedly use the phrase “her and John.” It should be “she and John.” If you are trying to be a writer, please learn to write. This may come off as antagonistic, but I really am trying to be constructive. Feel free to delete this post, but please learn the proper usage. I detracts from an already poorly written paragraph (e.g., you start the first two sentences with redundant forms: “In a confession…” and “In an interview…”). Also, intact is one word.

  4. Gwen says:

    This whole situation is a bit sad.

    b/t/w, Denise….relax.

  5. married with kids says:

    Jon has been “gone” from that relationship for a long time – Kate’s demeaning treatment of him was so horrific, I couldn’t bear to watch anymore. My concern is that TLC continues to allow her to prostitute her children. You can’t tell me there is SOMEONE at TLC who has a gut-feeling that they should pull the plug on the spiraling mental breakdown known as Kate Gosselin. One day, her kids will come back to TLC and hold them accountable….and they will most likely be estranged from their mom when they see how she treated their father. Sad sad sad…At least Jodi and Kevin are trying to advocate for those kids…

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