Update: Madonna Won’t Be Bringing Home Baby

madonnaJust one day ago reports of Madonna adopting a young girl from Malawi suggested that the whole situation was a wrap and the pop star might as well start passing out cigars. However, despite the approval of the little girl’s surviving relatives, a judge in Malawi has denied the adoption. The judge noted his respect for Madonna and the charity work she has done in the country, acknowledge his belief that she is a good mother, but ultimately felt that rules were being broken on Madonna’s behalf to facilitate the adoption. The judge cited a specific statute that requires potential adoptive parents to live in the country of Malawi for a minimum of 18 months prior to adopting a child from the country. The judge believes that favor was given to Madonna when she adopted her son David from Malawi and that if favor continued to be given on her behalf the potential for more people looking for favor in adoption matters would increase. Madonna is within her right to appeal the judges decision and according to reports she plans to do that.

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