Valentine’s Day for Him: What Do I Buy?

Valentine’s day (aka the ”Hallmark” holiday) can be a tough holiday to buy for. Some of us have long term relationships when Valentine’s day is just another day. Other’s have new flings where we don’t know the protocol of the gift exchange. Here are some guidelines and gift ideas to fulfill that perfect gift for your type of man.

If Valentine’s day is your first date or second date:

  • Nothing:  Just spending time with him is enough.
  • Card:  If you feel obligated to get something, a card is just perfect!  State something simple like, “Thanks for spending Valentine’s day with me!” or “I am excited to be going to dinner with you.”

If you are newly dating, a fun gift is perfect:

  • bocce-ball-setBocce Ball Set:  What a great game, especially if your man loves to be outdoors.  And the best part is that you can play it with him or be on his team.  Classic.
  • Poker Set:  Poker is definitely is a manly, classic game.  They range in prices, so you can adjust your budget accordingly.
  • chocolate-covered-strawberriesChocolate Covered Strawberries:  Chocolate covered strawberries are such a delight and everyone loves them so you can’t go wrong.

If you are longtime partners, here are some more traditional ideas:

  • Cologne: Always a classic gift that a man needs. Go with his favorite or buy him a new scent that you love.
  • Couples Massage:  Lots of beauty salons offer couple massages where you can get a massage in the same room.  Added bonus: he will have to go with you!
  • couples-massageGolf Lessons:  This sport is the sport of business and most men love it.  Help him improve his game.
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